What is The Rock Boat XVI?

Sixteen: The sweetest number of adolescence. Think back to that carefree age when you threw responsibility to the wind and the most important thing in life was having a good time. We invite you to experience five days of that very feeling on The Rock Boat XVI, sailing on Norwegian Pearl January 26-31, 2016. 

Everyone knows that turning 16 is a pretty big deal. You get to throw a big party AND you finally get that special something that brings you one-step closer to maturity…your license!  In its 16th year, TRB is all grown up and has an official LICENSE TO ROCK! The adventure will begin in Miami and we’ll journey to Costa Maya and Grand Cayman. Get ready to hit the road (well in this case, hit the seas!) and soak up some sunshine with live music at every turn.

Sister Hazel will serve as your hosts, and they’re bringing along a stellar mix of TRB artist favorites and new discoveries that will make you want to roll the windows down and crank the volume to max! Coming along for the ride are Gavin DeGraw, NEEDTOBREATHE, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Red Wanting Blue, Will Hoge, Pat McGee, and many more!

Big shindig? Check! License to rock? Check! Incredible performances, rare collaborations, camaraderie between friends, artists and strangers? Check, check and check! The Rock Boat XVI will be sweet indeed. Buckle up, folks – this ride is just beginning!