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BOARDING DAY THEME: We strive to make TRBU a true college experience (you know, without all the boring parts). Now it's time to focus on the party! We’ve created 5 official co-ed fraternities to represent some of the most important qualities found in the Rock Boat Family. Rep your TRBU Frat shirt as you board the ship so you'll find other Rock Boaters that gravitate towards the same parts of TRB that you do. It'll be a full-ship TRB-Themed Frat Party! 

As one of our theme nights, these fraternities are just for fun, and meant as a fun way to connect with others as you start your vacation. Participation is completely optional! 

Take the personality quiz below to see which TRBU fraternity you can claim as your very own. Or, just pick the one you like most! 





Flippa Kappa Cuppa

The loveable party animal. 
You’re here to chew gum and win the party but you’re all out of gum. With feet firmly planted on firm ground you’re a mild mannered {insert real grown-up job here} but on the boat and at the beach you become everyone’s favorite party animal. “The next round’s on me” sometimes means you were feeling generous with your key card, sometimes it’s literal but you’re always having a good time. The best band on the ship is whoever is game enough to let you accompany them on the beer bucket bongos and the best flip cup team is whoever is smart enough to make you their anchor. You are winning at life one cup at a time.


Hi Phive

Radiates energy and regularly suffers from FOMO.
You’re so excited and you just CAN’T hide it. Seriously, it is physically impossible for you to cloak your emotions. You are world’s worst poker player and the universe’s best hype (wo)man. Rolling suitcases pull you back, you only move forward. That’s why you throw your bag on your back and DANCE onto that ship like it is your job. Sixthman Jen looks forward to gangway hi-fives from YOU. Much like the train to Hogwarts your everyday enthusiasm meter is parked at 9 ¾, but it breaks the glass and stays at 11 on The Rock Boat. You start planning your schedule but once you realize you have circled EVERYTHING all plans go out the window. Instead, you chug a Red Bull and dart from show to show so fast that your fellow cruisers will swear you’ve been cloned.


Omega Cone Melta

Life of the welcome party, and a meticulous planner.
More likely than not, this isn’t your first boat. You know what you like and you like what you know . . . and that’s OKAY! Even if you are new, no one will ever know because you will wear Rock Boat like a well fitting speedo. Or is that an oxymoron? You just have that look that says, “Come with me new friend, I know where the good coffee machine is.” Others may laugh at your anxiety over the idea of TRB without soft serve, but some things are sacred. You spend weeks analyzing the schedule and creating your online schedule to share with your friends. Exactly how many drinks must you imbibe to make your drink package worth it? You have a spreadsheet for that. Maybe you’ve been kicked out of more than one shore side fro-yo shop while practicing that perfect swirl. The drools of jealousy your magnificent cone garners on the boat make it ALL worth it.


Pizza Pi

Goes with the flow. Not much of a planner, so always pleasantly surprised! 
You march to the beat of your own cheese-covered drum and that’s okay. You may not be able to find your cabin, but you’ve found your tribe. More often than not you don’t even decide to go The Rock Boat until a few weeks before sailing. No worries, someone will always add you their room because you don’t require much maintenance as long as they remind you which city to show up in. When you can find your schedule you pick out the shows you want to see but can never remember which way is “forward” and which way is “aft” so you always discover new music. Your friends are constantly amazed that you can’t find the pool deck but seem to have a homing device leading you to know when and when and where pizza is served.


Nu Mu Sigma

Always on the lookout to discover new tunes.
Well lah-di-dah! Look at you, every band that’s ever made it big? You called it. “Oh, are they playing Stardust Theater this year? Yawn, it won’t be like that time I saw them in that smaller-than-bar-city venue with 4 other people in this tiny town just outside of my tiny town." You’re always on the cutting edge. To your credit, your guesses about each year’s line-up are so eerily close that we’re pretty sure you have cameras in the Sixthman office. While the rest of the ship flocks to the names they know you walk in the other direction to catch the “next greatest thing,” and it usually pays off.

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