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Boarding Day Theme!

Boarding Day Theme!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

We strive to make TRBU a true college experience (you know, without all the boring parts). Now it's time to focus on the party! We’ve created 5 official co-ed fraternities to represent some of the most important qualities found in the Rock Boat Family. Rep your TRBU Frat shirt as you board the ship so you'll find other Rock Boaters that gravitate towards the same parts of TRB that you do. It'll be a full-ship TRB-Themed Frat Party! 

As one of our theme nights, these fraternities are just for fun, and meant as a fun way to connect with others as you start your vacation. Participation is completely optional! 

Take the personality quiz to see which TRBU fraternity you can claim as your very own. Or, just pick the one you like most! Then you can get a shirt from our online store so you can order yours for boarding day! 

The store will remain open until December 31, 2017, and we’ll mail orders approximately once per month. (If you order your shirt at the very beginning of a month, please don't expect immediate delivery.)


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