Amy Gerhartz

Amy Gerhartz

Amy Gerhartz

Amy Gerhartz is a singer/songwriter that blends pop, rock, folk and soul genres. After graduating from the Florida State University Department of Music, she has gone on to record three full length albums, along with three EPs, and now calls Nashville home. Amy has toured all across the country performing her original music, connecting her with audiences at festivals, venues and house concerts.

In addition to opening up for/sharing the stage with many national acts over the years, Amy has also lent her voice to various commercial projects. She has been nominated for "Best Pop Album" at the Independent Music Awards, as well as been a top Finalist for the NSAI/CMT Song Contest.

Her newest EP Hold On, embodies all of the elements one loves in Pop music. Working with Alpine Red Studios producers Chip Johnson and Kit Karlson, the songs embrace the underlying themes of empowerment, self-love, community and equality.

“I’m starting to realize after years of writing and performing music, that I actually have a voice, and a platform to use, to communicate the things I care about” Amy says. “It’s more than just me now - it’s about all of us. The connection that’s created with others through music is so powerful, and the most rewarding parts of what I do. When someone else is able to find their voice after hearing my music, well, to me that is everything.”


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