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Ultimate Costume Party

Theme nights are our equivalent of the ultimate costume party! They're your chance to get creative and crazy to show your vacation spirit. Go all in with full costumes or keep it simple with a few pieces of flair, it's totally up to you! Theme nights are optional, but it's way more fun if you join in.

Theme nights will be announced during the year, so stay tuned!


  • Happy TR-B-Day

    Happy TR-B-Day

    Sunday, November 7

    One of many things we've all missed over the last few years was BIRTHDAY PARTIES! Now that we're all back together again, let's make up for all of those missed b-day celebrations with one giant floating 21st b-day party extravaganza! Whether November 7th is your real birthday or your un-birthday, grab that fruity drink (oh hey free drink package!) and let’s all cheers to 21 years of TRB.

  • Halloween-again


    Wednesday, November 10

    With TRB happening just a few days after the REAL Halloween, we can’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate it together! Introducing Halloweenagain – the day when we all do Halloween... again! This is your shot to make the most of that Halloween costume you thought you’d only wear once this year! It’s time to get spooky or funny, or downright creepy...  whether you want to show off your cosplay skills or just throw on a hockey mask, head out on the boat for a rockin’ Halloween celebration.

  • Little White Lie Night

    Little White Lie Night

    Thursday, November 11

    We've all told a little white lie before, right? The Little White Lie internet sensation where you write a lie about yourself on your shirt has taken everyone by storm and we want in on the fun! Bring your whitest shirt and bust out your sharpie and let us know something UN-TRUE about you! 


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