Bring Friends, Get Cash

Bring Friends, Get Cash

Did you know that you could earn $100 of Onboard Credit by referring friends to join you on The Rock Boat XXI?!  We’re so happy to add new members to the Sixthman family that your friend will also get a $100 discount on their stateroom!

How it Works

Option 1

Give the new guest your Sixthman Username. While booking, your friend must enter your Sixthman Username in the REFERRER field (located in “Step 3" of the booking pages) to receive the $100 discount.

Option 2

As the referrer, you can log into your Sixthman account, go to the Referrals section and select the event that you’d like to share with your friend. Enter your friend’s email address, add a personalized message, and click “Send Email”! They will receive an email telling them all about the discount, the festival, and how they can be a part of it.

The Fine Print

  • Staterooms booked during the pre-sale period are not eligible for the referral program.
  • Referrals are not retroactive, thus cannot be added after the reservation has been made.
  • The program ends 30 days prior to sailing, October 8, 2021.
  • The referrer must either be currently booked or have sailed on a Sixthman event before.
  • All guests in the referred stateroom must be new to Sixthman in order to be eligible for the $100 discount.*  Referrals apply to full staterooms only; they do not apply to individual guests within a stateroom.
  • Staterooms booked by travel agents not eligible to participate in referral program.
  • Referral onboard credit will be reconciled 2 weeks prior to sailing and will appear on the referrer’s confirmation. Please contact Sixthman PRIOR to sailing if your referral does not appear on your confirmation

*If the new stateroom adds an alumnus to the stateroom at a later date, then the new stateroom will not get the discount. The referred cabin will no longer be eligible for the discount and the referrer will no longer receive onboard credit.

Not already booked on The Rock Boat XXI, but want to gift $100 to a friend? If you are booked on a different Sixthman event or have sailed with Sixthman previously, you can still share the gift of a $100 discount and rack up mega friend points while you’re at it! The same rules above apply, except you will not be eligible for an onboard credit.


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