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  • Great Stirrup Cay
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Family Photo
Great Stirrup Cay
Will Hoge
Norwegian Pearl
  • The Rock Boat XIV

    For years, The Rock Boat has been dubbed “summer camp for adults” – so we’re rolling with it and creating our very own camp aboard the Norwegian Pearl! It’ll have some of the same qualities as the summer camp you remember: bonding, lots of fresh open air and music– but all the camp songs will be replaced by rock’n’roll, and instead of a rickety old cabin in the woods, you’ll enjoy a luxury stateroom while sailing through the Caribbean!

    The Rock Boat is the place you’ll find unparalleled camaraderie between friends, artists and perfect strangers; it’s an environment impossible to recreate anywhere else. We’ll bring along loads of amazing artists, providing you with the most perfect soundtrack of camp songs you could ever dream up. It’s where you and your fellow music-lovers can discover your “happy place.”   Learn More

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