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Theme Nights

What's a theme night, you ask? It's our equivalent of the ultimate costume party. As we get closer to sailing, we'll update this page with all the theme night details you'll need to come up with a rockin' ensemble to wear on the ship. Theme nights are totally optional, but it's way more fun if you participate!

Join a TRBU Fraternity! We strive to make TRBU a true college experience (you know, without all the boring parts). Now it's time to focus on the party! We’ve created 5 official co-ed fraternities to represent some of the most important qualities found in the Rock Boat Family. Rep your TRBU Frat shirt as you board the ship so you'll find other Rock Boaters that gravitate towards the same parts of TRB that you do. It'll be a full-ship TRB-Themed Frat Party!

More themes to be announced in the near future! 



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