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Theme Nights

Theme nights are our equivalent of the ultimate costume party! They're your chance to get creative and crazy to show your vacation spirit. Go all in with full costumes or keep it simple with a few pieces of flair - it's totally up to you! Theme nights are optional, but it's way more fun if you join the fun. 


  • Party Animal Night

    Party Animal Night

    Friday, February 1

    Lions, tigers, and… sloths? Oh my! Let’s bring this floating circus to life by embracing your inner party animal! From whiskers to flippers, anything goes - as long as it’s not human. We’re already envisioning some epic unicorn vs. narwhal elevator battles, btw.

    *If you choose to rock your animal attire all day, go for it! But if you’re planning on going all-out please note your face must not be covered as you check-in to the terminal for security reasons.

  • Tacky Tourist Night

    Tacky Tourist Night

    Saturday, February 2

    Let’s extend those chill Key West vibes into the evening! It’s time to don your favorite absurdly-loud Hawaiian shirt and flip flops, grab a fruity drink and kick back as we set sail even further into musical bliss. To set the island scene, Sister Hazel will perform a special Jimmy Buffet alter-ego set on the Pool Deck, transforming the boat into a floating Parrot Head paradise, complete with cheeseburgers and all the boat drinks you can handle.

  • TRB Tailgate

    TRB Tailgate

    Sunday, February 3

    For the first time in TRB history, we’ll be at sea during the Super Bowl!

    Got a team in the game? Go all out to support ‘em!

    No team to root for? That’s ok too. You’re welcome to rep your hometown sports teams, or if you’re feeling EXTRA creative, dress up as a character from your favorite Super Bowl commercial of all time! (Because let’s face it, the commercials are consistently the best part of the game anyway, right?)

    No matter which route you go, unleash your inner sports fan and let the good times roll.

    For the die-hard sports fans, the game WILL be available to view on board if you’re interested in following along. Stay tuned for more details on viewing areas.

  • Back to the '80s

    Back to the '80s

    Monday, February 4

    It’s time to celebrate one of the most bizarre decades in recent history – bring on the '80s!  Think about the neon. The big hair. The spandex. The video games. The cartoons. The toys. The MUSIC. We’re excited to bring you the raddest theme night TRB has ever seen – topped off with one of the most righteous, mix-tape inspired musical performances to ever grace the Pool Deck Stage – a full set featuring your favorite TRB artists performing their choice of '80s hits.

  • Pajama Jam

    Pajama Jam

    Tuesday, February 5

    Back by popular demand! We gave you a taste of Pajama Night last year, and survey says… you want it AGAIN! Pack your comfiest jammies and slippers, ‘cause we’re pulling an all-nighter and will keep the party rockin’ until the Pearl docks in Tampa.




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