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Theme Nights

What's a theme night, you ask? It's our equivalent of the ultimate costume party. Here are  all the theme night details you'll need to come up with a rockin' ensemble to wear on the ship. Theme nights are totally optional, but it's way more fun if you participate!



  • TRBU Frat Party

    TRBU Frat Party

    Tuesday, January 30

    We strive to make TRBU a true college experience- you know, without all the boring parts. Now it’s time to focus on the party! We’ve created 5 official, all-inclusive co-ed fraternities to represent some of the most important traits found in The Rock Boat Family. Rep your TRBU Frat shirt as you board the ship so you'll find other Rock Boaters that gravitate towards the same parts of TRB that you do. Take the quiz to see which custom TRB Fraternity fits you best (or just pick the one you like most), then get your shirt to wear on boarding day! If you don't want to purchase one, you're welcome to get creative and make your own! 

  • Toga Night

    Toga Night

    Wednesday, January 31

    Toga! Toga! Toga! Time to get your Greek on! Take that old sheet from the back of your hallway linen closet and put it to good use. Need instructions to create a toga masterpiece of your very own? Here’s a tutorial! The night will be capped off with a special Animal House Party set on the Pool Deck featuring tons of your favorite artists performing Animal House-era songs.

    (Bring Your Own Sheet)
    Please respect the ship! Bring your own sheet or toga material if you plan to participate.

  • Throwback Thursday

    Throwback Thursday

    Thursday, February 1

    We all post our favorite #TBT memories on Thursdays every now and then… now it’s time to re-live them! This one’s wide open for your own interpretation, and you get to decide how far back you turn the clock! Throw it back to your college decade! Or just wear a t-shirt from your favorite TRB of the past. Whatever you decide… you do you… just make sure it’s old-school you.

  • Mardi Gras Night

    Mardi Gras Night

    Friday, February 2

    Laissez les bons temps rouler! It’s time to represent our incredible port city of New Orleans! You didn’t think we’d get through this whole cruise without getting in on the Mardi Gras fun, did you? Beads, masks, feathers… lets do this, NOLA style!

    For those of you not in the Cajun-party-kinda mood, it's also Groundhog Day. Do with that information as you see fit. But it's The Rock Boat, so let's be honest. We kind of expect to see at least ONE of you roaming the ship dressed as a groundhog.  

  • Pajama Night

    Pajama Night

    Saturday, February 3

    Yeah, it's backwards. But we want you to get ready for bed, and THEN go out. We’re bringing back one of our all-time favorite and most-requested theme nights of all time! Grab your favorite PJs and join the fun. Whether you show up in a onesie, a pair of pajama pants, fuzzy slippers or a bathrobe, you'll be sure to fit right in! And lets face it, these jammies are just for show... you KNOW you won't actually be sleeping on the last night of TRB, right?




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