Joshua & The Holy Rollers

To those who’ve seen them live, Joshua & The Holy Rollers’ unique blend of sweat-drenched rock and roll and heartfelt cradle-songs weave a tapestry of the righteously broken hearted - finding a place for longing, lust, lethargy, homesickness and a good ol’ fashioned ripper on their sonic canvas. The outfit saunters on stage with a heavy step, delicately playing with your heart before ripping it out as dulcet croons about missing home turn to a snarling riff about the things we deserve, good and bad. This multi-faceted band is led by Mac Hanson - songwriter, vocalist, guitar, keys - and has become a tight-grooving hard-hitting rock outfit since the release of the first single “Humble Pie” in 2018, thanks to cutting their teeth on tours and festivals across the US and shows abroad. Throughout their short tenure in the annals of touring acts, the band has recorded and released a handful of singles along with their two EPs “Tribulations” (2018) and “Patience” (2019), each group of tunes their own moment in time. With 2020 cancelled and the future unsure, JTHR has been hard at work preparing for a new world, with their next release planned for 2021.